Replacement Air Oil Separator Filters

Important Information regarding Compressor Air Oil Separator Cartridge Filters for Reciprocating, Double Acting Reciprocating, Rotary Vane, and Centrifugal Air Compressors.
The service life of a typical Compressor Air Oil Separator Cartridge Filter is expected to be 2,000 to 4,000 Hours of Operation.
Many Environmental factors can alter the service life of Compressor Air Oil Filters.
Closely monitor the differential pressure of your Compressor Air Oil Separator Filters to determine the best filter change frequency.
Compressor Air Oil Separators will typically have a low initial pressure resistance. The Compressor Filter Resistance will increase over time as the filter ages and loses efficiency.
 Compressor Air Oil Separator Filters life cycle ends when there is a sudden increase in differential pressure or the value approaches 15 PSI.
There are several ways to determine the life cycle of the Compressor Air Oil Filter. One, If the pressure gauge on the Compressor Air Oil Separator goes to a high value and stays there. Two, the Compressor Air Oil Filter pressure reaches 14-15 PSI.
The quality of the air a compressor produces is directly linked to the performance of a Compressors Air Oil Separator Cartridge Filters.
Add a scheduled compressor filter change to your maintenance routine and stick to it once you determine the life cycle of a Compressor Air Oil Separator Filter. Other methods to change Compressor Air Oil Separator Filters include annual, or semi-annual filter changes. Remember your compressor filters are affected by environmental factors. Closed in poorly ventilated spaces in the winter, High temperature and humidity in the summer are factors to consider when changing compressor filters. Changing Air Oil Separator Filters Extends the life of your Compressor by reducing contamination that builds up and harms equipment and results in costly repair bills.