Walker Alpha Filter Elements

Walker Filtration A30006 to A311500 Alpha Series Compressed Air Gas Coalescing Filter Elements

Walker Filtration Alpha Series Coalescing Filter Elements are color coded

Market leading Compressed Air Odor Removal, Removal of Oil Aerosols and Particulate Removal

  • E300006 to A31175 Walker Filtration Alpha Filter Elements
  • Compressed Air Coalescing Filter Grades Comes in 4 Grades
  • X5 5-micron Green, X1 1-micron Red, XA .01-micron oil Blue, and AC .01 micron adsorber Black
  • Color Coded Elements for easy grade identification
  • With class leading performance and exceptional results in oil aerosol and particle retention, Alpha Compressed Air Filter elements deliver significantly reduced pressure loss and optimum filtration efficiencies to ensure continually low operational costs. Dusty Filters Supplies OEM Industrial Compressed Air Gas Filter Elements for Walker Filtration Alpha Series housings.

    Walker Alpha Series Elements have been tested to provide a saturated differential pressure of less than 1.8 psi (125 mbar) across X1 and XA grades.

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