Replacement OEM Zeks 698350B Compressed Air Dryer Desiccants

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Bead Size Matches OEM

Zeks 698350B Industrial Compressed Air Dryer Deliquesant Desiccants are in Stock

698350B Compressed Air Desiccant Information

  • Bead Size 3/16 Inch
  • Desiccant Comes in 50 LB Bags, Other bulk sizes are available on request
  • Bag Size Inches 18.5 x 20.75 x 6, 42 bags per skid, 2200 LBS Dims 48 x 40 x 47
  • Made in the USA
  • Activated Alumina Desiccants from BASF is an excellent desiccant for drying a wide variety of gases and liquids Dusty Filters Supplies Aftermarket Replacement Industrial Cartridge Filters to fit Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications for 698350B Part Number Zeks dryer desiccant. AA Desiccant is the most Commonly used for Zeks Model Style Air Dryers. A Specification Data Sheet for our Replacement Zeks 698350B industrial compressed air dryer desiccants is available by request.

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