Walker Alpha Coalescing Filter Housings


Walker Filtration A30006 to A311500 Compressed Air Gas Coalescing Filter Housings and Elements

Walker Filtration Alpha Series Coalescing Filter Housings are compact and modular

Market leading Compressed Air Odor Removal, Removal of Oil Aerosols and Particulate Removal

  • A300006 to A31500 Walker Filter Housings
  • Compressed Air Coalescing Filter Grades Comes in 4 Grades
  • X5 5 micron, X1 1 micron, XA .01-micron oil, and AC .01-micron adsorber
  • Key Features; Compact Modular Capability, Externally Accessible Drain, Color Coded Elements for easy grade identification

Safe Housing Closure with Rotational Safety Stop. Dusty Filters Supplies OEM Industrial Compressed Air Gas Filter Housings for Alpha Series Walker Filtration housings. Click Here for a Specification Data Sheet for our OEM Walker Filtration industrial compressed air filter housings. 

Walker Filtration Alpha Coalescing Filter Housing with filter elements

Offered in a range of 19 models with connection sizes ranging from 1/8 to 3 inch, the Alpha Series has been tested to provide a saturated differential pressure of Less Than 1.8 psi (125 mbar) across X1 and XA grades.

Grades   X5 X1 XA AC
Particle removal 5 micron 1 micron 0.01 micron 0.01 micron
Maximum particle size class*** 4 3 1 1
Maximum oil content*** 4 3 1 1
Maximum oil carryover at 68°F (20°C) 5 ppm 0.3 ppm 0.01 ppm 0.003 ppm
Pressure loss - clean & dry 0.6 psi 0.8 psi 1.2 psi 1.7 psi
Pressure loss - saturated 1.1 psi 1.8 psi 1.8 psi N/A
Pressure loss - element change 12 months (8,000 hrs) 6 months
Element end cap color green red blue black

Inquire for Available parts and options for housings. Drain options, Brackets, Connecting kits, Differential Pressure Pop up indicators, flasks, etc.

Technical Notes
1. Direction of air flow is inside to out through the filter element.
Pop up indicators (65DPUG3) are fitted to models A30025 to A30050 as standard. Differential pressure indicators (65DPIG) are fitted to models A30070
to A31500 as standard. Activated Carbon (AC) grade filters do not include DP equipment. Volt free contact options are available upon request - see price
3. Coalescing Filters are fitted as standard with normally open float operated automatic drain valves, ADVS16 on models A30006 to A30050 and ADVSE16
on models A30070 to A31500, and manual drain valves on Activated Carbon Filters. Standard filters can operate at 232 psig (16 barg ) at 176°F (80°C).
Normally closed float operated automatic drain valves (ADVS16C) are available for low range flow applications (2.5 SCFM, 4.2 Nm3/hr or lower). 300 psig
(20.7 barg) range at 248°F (120°C) available when supplied with a manual drain valve (MDV25 on models A30006 to A30050 and MDVE25 on models
A30070 to A31500).
4. Activated Carbon Filters must not operate in oil saturated conditions and will not remove certain types of gases including carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon
dioxide (CO2).
5. Alpha Filters are manufactured from cast aluminum alloy and are PED 2014/68/EU compliant for group 2 gases.
6. Standard threaded connections are NPT to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1. RP (BSP Parallel) to ISO 7-1 and RC (BSP Taper) to ISO 7-1 are also available upon request.
7. Filters are suitable for use with mineral and synthetic oils plus, oil-free compressed air applications.

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