Replacement for CTA 51090A Compressed Air System Coalescing Filter Element

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Replacement for CTA 51090A Compressed Air System Coalescing Filter Element

CTA 51090A Compressed Air Coalescing Filters are usually In Stock

51090A Cartridge Filter Information

  • Quantity = 1 Filter Element
    • 0.01 Micron Grade AC Adsorber Element
    • Coalescing Filter Dimensions
    • Coalescing Filter Design Round Cylindrical Shaped
    • A Connection Size Inches 2.087
    • B Overall Height Inches 20
    • C Outside Diameter Inches 3.583
    • Temp Rating Deg F 120
    • Particulate Removal Rating Microns 0.01
    • Oil Removal Rating Microns NA
    • Description Grade AC Adsorber Element
    • Commonly used for Final Stage Carbon Activated Coalescing Filters Odor Removal Elements
    • Dusty Filters Aftermarket Replacement Filter for CTA 51090A Filters will work as good as the OEM Coalescing Filters in fit and function.
    Specialty Coalescing Filter Characteristics: Activated Carbon

    Compare our filter quality. Dusty filters offers our customers the best quality Compressed Air Systems Coalescing Filter Elements available on the filter market. Dusty Filters Supplies Aftermarket Replacement Industrial Coalescing Filters to fit Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications for Part Numbers CTA 51090A. Coalescing Filter 51090A is Commonly used for CTA Model Housing NF080A. A Specification Data Sheet Sheet for our Replacement for CTA 51090A Compressed Air Systems Coalescing Filter Element is available on request.

  • Dusty Filters SKU COMPRESS100014963CT
  • Dusty Filters Ships replacements for 51090A Coalescing filters fast.

    Dusty Filters Performance on our Aftermarket Replacement filters for CTA 51090A compressed air coalescing filters is second to none.

    Contact us for a quote on large filter quantities. We can quote shipping. 

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