Replacement OEM Great Lakes 69-2001 Compressed Air Dryer Desiccants

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Bead Size Matches OEM

Great Lakes 69-2001 Industrial Compressed Air Dryer Deliquesant Desiccants are in Stock

69-2001 Compressed Air Desiccant Information

  • Bead Size 3/16 Inch
  • Desiccant Comes in 50 LB Bags, Other bulk sizes are available on request
  • Bag Size Inches 18.5 x 20.75 x 6, 42 bags per skid, 2200 LBS Dims 48 x 40 x 47
  • Made in the USA
  • Activated Alumina Desiccants from BASF is an excellent desiccant for drying a wide variety of gases and liquids Dusty Filters Supplies Aftermarket Replacement Industrial Cartridge Filters to fit Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications for 69-2001 Part Number Great Lakes dryer desiccant. AA Desiccant is the most Commonly used for Great Lakes Model Style Air Dryers. A Specification Data Sheet for our Replacement Great Lakes 69-2001 industrial compressed air dryer desiccants is available by request.

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