Replacement for Solberg C875587 Intake Air Compressor Cartridge Filter

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Solberg C875587 Industrial Air Compressor Cartridge Filters are In Stock

C875587 Cartridge Air Filter Information

  • Cellulose Filter Media
  • Air Filter Cartridge Dimensions Inquire
  • Configuration Round Cylindrical Shaped Cartridge Air Filter
  • Made in the USA
  • Compare our air filter quality. Dusty filters uses the best media available on the market to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality aftermarket air compressor intake cartridge filters. Dusty Filters Supplies Aftermarket Replacement Industrial Cartridge Filters to fit Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications for Part Numbers Solberg C875587 Air Filters. Commonly used for Various Solberg Model Style Air Compressors. A Specification Data Sheet Sheet for our Replacement Solberg C875587 industrial air compressor intake cartridge filter is available on request.

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